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Application Process and General

Do I need language certificate to apply for teaching internship? To apply no, to be approved - applicants with certificate might be given preference by the hosting organization. Should you decide on making a certificate first, which you will surely find useful for your future endeavours, please make sure to check out the 100-hour online TEFL course which is available to past and future Internship-Indonesia interns, or anyone who wishes to upskill before teaching English abroad.
Can I choose the city, where I would like to do my internship? Your preferences and suggestions are very much welcome and we will do our best to fulfil them. However you must keep in mind that if we will be able to meet them or not depends on few conditions such as number of hosting organizations available in the area, your profile and background, internships availability etc.
How long will my internship take, is there a maximum or minimum duration? Maximum duration, due to the social-cultural visa regulations is six months. Minimum duration would be one month but few hosting organizations facilitate such short internships.  Usually program duration is a combination of your requirements and availability with program duration required by the hosting organization.
Will I get to choose my internship? You will be offered at least few internships to choose from after we get a chance to review your application. Programs offered will reflect your profile, background, expectations on one hand and currently available programs on the other. At this point your are free to make your choice and apply to a hosting organization you find most attractive for yourself.
Can I come with my friend/partner for the internship? Depending on your profiles and expectations it is very much possible to arrange internship program for a couple or group of friends within the same city or even the same hosting organization. However, regarding couples, please note that not being legally married you might not be allowed to share one room.
Am I not too old to participate? That depends how do you feel about it. There is no upper age limitations, what is important is your attitude and willingness to participate in the program. We have had very successful interns with 3 and 4 as the first digit of their age.
Do you arrange accommodation? Accommodation is usually provided by the hosting organisation free of charge. If not, the average price of renting a room in decent standards varies between 750.000-2,500.000IDR/month (60-220USD), depending on the location and conditions. We will provide you with full support to secure proper housing for the time of your internship.
Why the service comes at a fee? Internship-Indonesia is an organization not connected or supported by any government or religion. We are completely independent, legal business entity. For this reason, a fee is required to participate in our internship projects. These fees go to support all areas of our organization, including staff salaries, website, office expenses, internet advertising, utilities, insurance, communication, transportation costs etc. We are also a registered taxpayer.
What does the fee include and why it varies per geographical region? Number one service included in the fee is sourcing of an internship basing on your preferences, background and expectations with a respective Indonesian hosting organization during the matching process. All internships come with accommodation, in most cases free of charge. Airport pickup is arranged by Internship-Indonesia and executed by representatives of the hosting organization. We always negotiate best possible internship conditions that is why all our programs offer pocket money and additional benefits, depending on the nature of the hosting organization (food, motorbike, trips, language course etc). Support before you go and during the internship is last but not least feature. Fees vary geographically due to different procedures applied locally.
Will I get paid during the internship? All our hosting organization, among other benefits, cover some of the basic expenses during your internship. This however is not to be understood in terms of salary and financial gain should never be your main motivation for participation in the Internship-Indonesia program. You will need your own financial resources to cover additional expenses like sightseeing, trips, personal shopping and leisure activities.

Going to Indonesia

Do I need any vaccinations before coming to Indonesia? There is no mandatory vaccinations but a bunch of them is recommended such as typhoid, tetanus, hepatitis A and B. Should you plan to visit rural areas or trekking you might want to have some malaria pills on you (be aware that they are much cheaper in Indonesia than in Europe). Mosquito repellents and sunblock should be used on a daily basis and are widely available in Indonesia. Most importantly - please consult your physician before starting your journey.
Should I bring my driving license? We do recommend to bring your international driving license with you as it is acknowledged by the Indonesian police and might save your from trouble. Sooner or later you will feel courageous enough to try riding a scooter or even a motorbike. Traffic in Indonesia is way different from what you get used to back home and additional caution and understanding must be applied.
What are the main rules of Indonesian law? Indonesian law due to the country’s colonial past is mostly based on the Dutch law. There is certainly one thing you want to avoid at all costs – narcotics. Other than that rules are similar to the ones in your country: make sure to follow common sense, be respectful and friendly, especially when dealing with local police or immigration authorities and you will receive the same polite treatment back.
What would be the main cultural rules a foreigner should be aware of? Avoid using left hand and touching people’s heads. Leave your shoes off when entering house (or sometimes even office). Respect other religions and places of cult. Don’t show off your body too much out of recreational areas. Haggling is part of the habit even in regular shops. You can end up buying items from 1/3 to even 1/10 (in touristic places) of the asking price. Avoid anger, be patient, don’t ask “Do you understand” – you will never get “no” for an answer, better ask open questions instead. Most of Indonesian people have different sense of time and being late is quite normal.
Will my insurance work in Indonesia? Valid insurance policy is compulsory for participation in the program. It is also important for your comfort and safety. For best deals please consult your local insurance agent or check here what our partner can offer you.


What currency should I best bring with me? Please bring only new notes in great quality, otherwise they might be refused or exchanged at a worse rate. US Dollars, Euro, Canadian or Australian Dollars are easily exchangeable, the higher nominal value the better. Be aware when exchanging money in touristic sites which offer better rate then others. ATMs are widely available in urban areas.
Will my electronic devices work in Indonesia? Residential voltage of electricity supplied is 220 V. Should you need a converter it would be advisable to bring one from your home country.
Can I use my mobile phone in Indonesia? Of course. Just bring your mobile phone (SIM-LOCK free) and you will use Indonesia pre-paid card freely. Country code for Indonesia is 0062.
What are the customs regulations? Customs allow on entry a maximum of two litters of alcoholic beverages, 200 cigarettes or 50 cigars or 100 grams of tobacco and a reliable amount of perfume per adult. Other regulations are pretty international, if anything is banned from bringing in to your country you can also expect it to be banned in Indonesia, common sense is advised.
How can I get some basic Bahasa Indonesia? You do not need to be fluent in Bahasa Indonesia in order to participate in the internship program but it might be helpful, pleasant and save you some money to know the language basics. There are some materials available online but due to their questionable quality we would rather recommend taking few Skype classes instead.
How to get best deal on flight ticket? Hundreds of articles have been written trying to answer that question and yet there is no ultimate one. Our suggestion - make sure to check offer of our partner that provides incredibly smart, unique technology which helps the customers find the cheapest travel deals on the web what comes as highly recommended by independent users.

During Your Internship

What tasks and duties can I expect? That of course depends on your discipline and character of your internship. You will get general description of tasks included in each internship offer that we will propose you during the matching process. Much more important is to free yourself from your previous schemes and stereotypes and open for completely new business culture! Each Asian country, including Indonesia, just like every European country or perhaps even every region of the USA, has a different understanding of management, leadership, creativity or team work. Do not expect to be told exactly what to do or given tasks all the time. You are participating in an internship project not a work placement and Indonesian supervisors might often wait for more active approach from you. As a foreigner, they will expect you to share with them the international point of view and build up the cross-cultural understanding. That is a great and unique chance to try out your own ideas and solutions whereas to be given such opportunity in an organization in your home country you would be required at least few years of experience. Enjoy that and achieve something to be proud! For example during the next interview for a full-time job ;)
How will my progress be evaluated? We will check on you first few days after arrival but that is rather to make sure that all conditions are met and that your hosting organization introduced you to your internship properly. On a weekly basis you will be required to submit performance reports including your goals and achievements. In the latter part we will ask you to complete the Internship Evaluation Card to bring some more general insight into your program. Any additional tools required by your university are also welcome and will be respected and followed by all parties.
Is tipping mandatory in Indonesia? Tipping is not mandatory in Indonesia however due to often very low salaries it is customary to give a tip of spare change or another small amount. It would be highly appreciated by restaurant, drivers and other service workers, especially if you have enjoyed the service.
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