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Return on Investment analysis
We have recently done some summaries of our intern's profiles. First thing to compare, obviously out of natural curiosity - gender. Results? We have had so far twice as many female interns as male. Conclusion? We would "blame" Indonesia... beauty attracts beauty :)

More seriously speaking though, why do people decide to invest in their future and decide that an internship abroad is the best choice? Is the crisis best time to undertake new investments? There are numerous, often contrary statements among economists but most career counselors agree - when we are talking about one’s position on the modern, competitive job market - it definitely is.

Need for employees with international experience, especially in the growing South-East Asian markets, who are either willing to relocate abroad or to share their diversified knowledge with local colleagues is creating opportunities that can offer graduates a rich, new experience and fast-track careers. In difficult times the direction of company’s expansion evolves from local to global. But the transition can be challenging, especially for the important and responsible business assignments. Working abroad for any extended length of time requires flexibility and the ability to adapt to changes in culture and work-life balance. And the employers choose to recruit people who have already possessed these skills rather than risk qualifying candidates on spec.

International internships can be pricey, air fare has to be added to the budget, expenses coverage is unlikely and with more original locations it is usually impossible to find something on your own. Participation costs for an internship abroad arranged by a placement company usually range from 500 Euro to even 6500 Euro. Therefore, it is a sensible approach to investigate what is available on the net and look for the most beneficial deal. Is our the best? With very competitive participation costs, offered remuneration and additional benefits and of course professional experience arranged in places many people call paradise - we hope it is! Nevertheless we work hard every day to make it be even better.

“My Indonesian experience was the first thing the interviewer of Ernst&Young; referred to. Probably that was what made my CV stand out from the pile. I got accepted and one of the greatest adventure of my life turned out to be the key to kick-off my career.” Said Tim from the Netherlands, participant of the six months placement in Malang, East Java, Indonesia.

“Being on the Indonesian premises for work, with local food, accommodation etc. is quite different experience than being here as a tourist. I was given a chance to become totally involved in the community I lived in: I stayed in a Balinese house, my housemates were only Balinese people, I worked in an office where all the employees, except myself and the other European intern, were Indonesian.” wrote Jurgita from Lithuania on her blog about internship in Bali. “Last year I was so delighted to find an opportunity to participate in students’ exchange program in South Korea and after that – internship program in nearby Indonesia but that I ended up on ‘the Island of Gods’ was kind of a wonderful coincidence. After visiting various sites I just typed ‘internship in Indonesia’ in Google. I filled out the Application Form hoping that this journey will meet my expectations and help me place solid foundations for the future career. Well, two hours later a Skype meeting was arranged and now I'm here and the adventure of my life is about to begin!”
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