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Exploring East Java
You hear Indonesia - you first think Bali. Indeed that is the most popular island worldwide but the Archipelago has much more to offer - and we would like you to become aware of that!

East Java is one of the Republic of Indonesia's 27 provinces, occupying an area of some 48,000 km2 just south of the equator. Including the island of Madura, it accounts for a little more than a third of Java's total land surface and supports a population of almost 33,000,000 inhabitants.

East Java's history dates back to the famous ancient kingdoms of Kediri and Singosari, which is now a city near Malang. The Majapahit empire, centered at Trowulan, Mojokerto East Java, is celebrated by Indonesians as the golden age of the archipelago. The Eastern Java region was part of the Mataram Kingdom during its peak.

We offer a great number of various internship positions both in Malang and Mojokerto, as well as other destinations in East Java. Embrace the extraordinary history and dive into the amazing and exotic culture - participation in an internship there will give you the best insight possible!

Rather than describing the places with words or pictures - we better encourage our interns to see the greatest sights East Java has to offer all by themselves. Look at the map attached (for greater resolution please visit our Facebook profile), if you are in Indonesia already - dont hesitate to ask your hosting organization or program coordinator for sightseeing opportunities. If you are still not here... consider clicking the Apply Now button right away! :)

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