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Paradise discovered! - Where all the real surfers go...
Indonesia among the rich variety of other treats, can offer you the ultimate surfing experience. It's the place to be for all those, who can find happiness in breaks, favorable winds, tropical reef system and  all what belongs to the perfect wave gardens of the Archipelago.
The history of surfing dates back to late 30's, when American photographer Robert Koke established Kuta Beach Hotel in Bali. Since then 'cool vibe' of the coastal lifestyle was gaining more and more popularity, becoming Hawaiian-like destination in the East. The next wave in the 60's brought along hippie Australian surfers who found here fascinating wild spots never discovered before. Over the next years surfing culture has spread widely across the Islands putting its passionates in contact with authentic local cultures and exotic environment. This exploration takes place till today, making Indonesia the epicentre of surfing in this part of the world.
Honestly speaking, the admiration is easy to understand, after having just a quick look on what is on the plate: impossibly perfect turquoise water, soft sandy beaches decorated with tall palm trees, sunny weather, welcoming climate and numerous surf spots to chose from. As the swell comes from the south and southwest, all islands with a coastline facing that directions get waves. That gives us Bali, Java, Sumatra, Lombok, Sumbawa, Flores, Sumba, Timor and countless tiny islands on the offshore.
The magic of  the experience is that everyone can find here the surf matching ones skills and expectations and the adventure is going on all year round  (with a small prevalence of the dry season months between May and October).
Do you feel like trying surfing now? You definitely should!
And here you can find some of the best surfing spots in Indonesia worth paying a visit:
Kuta Beach – it's probably the best place to start your adventure with a surfing board. It's safe, it's friendly with an excellent backup of  local surf instructors and  board renting places. At the same time, it stays pretty much always crowded.
Bukit Peninsula – covers the southern part of the island with some paradise-like surf destinations. The most popular ones are Padang-Padang, Balangan, Watu Ulo and Dreamland. Remeber that coastline here is not free from some underwater reefs and sneaky rocks so make sure you feel confident on the waves before heading in that direction. Otherwise, just come for amazing sunsets and quiet lagoons, and picturesque caves.
The Desert Point – which these days is not so deserted anymore, but still is a well-kept secret of the island. Here you can find truly spectacular 'lefts' and 'rights' breaking on the reefs, but sometimes the help of local fishermen and their boats is needed in order to find a proper wave and get to the breaks.
Mentawai Islands – a cluster of island located off West Sumatra, very hard to reach but yet rewarding surfing perfection. Mentawai are claimed to have the most consistent surf breaks in the world, flawless reefs with sun blue water which comes as a bonus. Surfing spots here includes: E'bay, Beng-Beng, Nipussi or Pitstop among the most popular ones.
G-Land – also known as Grajagan are located in East java, but easily accessible with a charter boat from neighbouring Bali. It's the real Mecca for travelling surfers, who coming here every year, seeking for consistent off-shore trade winds during the seasons. The waves occuring here calmly  win over any others – endlessly long and flawlessly perfect and give the place a name of  the Far East Hawaii. But we think, it's much better here.
Batu Karas – small fishing village in the West of Java famous for its beautiful scenery and perfect surf worth to give a try. The easy way to find it, is to reach the city of Pangandaran  located halfway between Bandung and Yogyakarta. There are two sandy beaches at your disposal here, free from crowds but also advanced surfing facilities.
Panaitan Island – located just off the West Java hosts several checked and recommended surf points, with famous One Palm Point and Apocalypse having the lead. It's also a part of Ujung Kulon national park, so next to the great waves, you will be amazed with a unique setting and rich wildlife present in the area. 
The list of  good surfing places is practically endless here, as there are still huge pieces of a coastline with excellent breaks and wild beaches waiting to be discovered.
Regardless of the fact, whether you are just a surf newbie or an old hand at surfing going after something more challenging, Indonesia will make you and your board happy allowing you to find the perfect wave...
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