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New Tiger came of age – portrait of the Indonesian economy
It is not a mystery that in times of Europe strrugling with the economic crisis, economies on the other side of the Globe gain more attention and start to release their potential in a more visible way. The Far Eastern empires – China and India are being accompained by the countries from the Southeast Asian region, with Indonesia among the most dynamic ones.
Indonesia, smoothly recovered after the breakdown in 2008-2009 (global financial crisis), especially during the last decade is rapidly showing signs of a newly advanced economic development. Recently it joined the CIVETS group (acronym for Colombia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Egypt, Turkey and South Africa), countries meeting criteria of diverse economies,  quite stable financial systems and fast-growing populations, predicted to account for half the global economy by 2020.
From the other side, there is a massive influx of foreign investments coming to the country, motivated mostly by its quite resilient economic growth and low government debt. Economists (via Indonesia-Investments portal) identified also some strong points of the country, that work in its favour regarding the increase of global investors interest. Among the crucial ones, we can find:
-diverse natural resources
-young and dynamic growing population
-relative political stability
-strategic location (in terms of major players in the region – China and India)
-low labour costs.
As a result, Indonesia is currently 18th economy in the world and the largest within ASEAN countries, aiming to be in the top six of powerful global economies by 2030 (according to financial prognosis in the region). What stands behind this positive transformation? First of all, shift from economy highly dependent on agriculture to a more balanced model (the percentage share coming from manufacturing is constantly increasing and in the country GDP already exceeded agricultural share). Secondly, the market is recently driven by robust domestic consumption which results in dynamic movements on the stock market operating with consumer stock mostly. Finally, Indonesia turned towards tourism as a key economy sector, aiming to become a leading international destination for visitors in the nearest years. The strategy here is based on traditional tourism strenghts as well as development of new niches and releasing its potential in combination with cultural tourism (focused on country's historical sites, traditional arts and local festivals). Relatively high touristic value of places and majority of landscapes in Indonesia is been used lately in yet another way. The most often visited islands in the Archipelago, such as Java and Bali are becoming significant centres hosting international conferences, meetings, conventions and exhibitions.
Indonesia, in regard to its internal development and economic conditions, experiences also some downside risks and potential disruptions. The country presents a very complex structure with political, financial, cultural and specifically religious layers interwaving and influencing each other constantly, where a change of single factor or measurement can cause significant shifts in the whole  country economic portrait. But that makes it even more fascinating to observe and to learn from.
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