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Global perspectives for your business in Indonesia! International interns on board!
Every successfully ran business is being centred around valuable people. The team members together count as the best capital and real heart of the company. Especially in times when Indonesia becomes a dynamic business hub for the South-East Asia region, new people mean huge potential, energy and fresh blood pulsing in the structural veins of your organization. International team members work as a natural development booster and with no doubts are able to help your business grow in many different ways!
Intercultural cooperation
Creating an international team within your company is a great chance to benefit from other than Indonesian cultures. Western traditions and new perspectives on cultural similarities and differences bring to your organization a real value-sharing experience. Projects like language training with the rest of your team or help with the front office management result in effective communication with foreign customers  and in a general way improve the quality of a service and understanding of potential clients' needs and expectations.
Business experience
By having on board an international intern, you can gain a new approach to problem solving and bring new, unique solutions to your organization. Different business culture benefits you with a complex cross-cultural perspective on  daily life of your company with all its  potential and development opportunities. Projects that our inters are involved in during their internships are, among others: writing business plans, preparing marketing strategy, working on project management , helping with business events\seminars\conferences, coordinating advertising and public relations, setting up new business connections and taking care of relations with strategic business partners. The possibilities are endless here, so are advantages coming along for your company.
International market expansion

Expanding the company beyond local market is always an important improvement and a chance for finding new potential customers or simply making your company more attractive for the domestic audience. It's mostly about getting new ideas and staying up to date with current international trends and business tendencies. Interesting fields to create internship positions include here: market research and analysis, texts translations and data interpretation or setting up relations with opinion leaders. Sounds like you need it? We beat you do!
Skills & Potential
Top interns, selected to join your company, are young, dynamic, mobile personalities, eager to put into practice the whole set of useful business skills gained through education and practical projects. Another benefit comes with the fresh look they bring in terms of problem solving, ability to think outside the box and endless creativity in approaching even the most complex case studies. Well, we also focus on independent people with lots of potential and own ideas on how to contribute to the company they cooperate with and projects they work on. This composition gives excellent results so far and with full responsibility we can say it's worth promoting and being cultivated further on within Indonesian big companies as well as small and medium-size businesses.
Many people would say that sense of humor is also quite a cultural thing. Well, we still believe  is up to ones' character and personality to make someone likeable in terms of being funny (in a friendly way, of course). On the other hand, a common truth is that  99.9% of young people, meaning students and fresh gradutates knows very well what fun and good times mean! So, they will surely bring lots of positive energy and good vibrations to your company office, along with some little intercultural jokes and remarks. Heaps of laughter for everyone guaranteed and beyond that, it's the best way to let all the tension and unnecessary pressure just fade away.
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