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Ready to rock? New internship in the entertainment industry! Don't miss that out!
Ready to rock? New internship in the entertainment industry! Don't miss that out!
Have you ever tried karaoke? There is some pure joy in swaying with your friends in the rythm of your favourite hits on Friday night, want to know more about it?
In Indonesia karaoke is something much more than just another way to spend your free time. It's within the top favourite activities, with thousands lovers and enthusiasts across the Archipelago. Everybody likes karaoke here and many treat it as a very important  social event to celebrate with the whole family or a group of friends.
Karaoke is a dynamic, energetic and inspiring industry in Indonesia and currently you have an amazing opportunity to become a part of the business!
Our latest internship position is dedicated to a young and creative individual, ready to join a well-developed karaoke & event company, based in the picturesque region of Kediri (East Java).
Main activities involve:
-supporting  marketing and communication strategy
-developing successful relations with customers and business partners
-providing new development ideas for the company (Western inspirations)
-taking part in the internal staff training (cross-cultural awareness, business English).
You are our ideal candidate while being a people's person, with a can-do attitude, positive personality and lots of good energy.
Other than that, it would be brilliant if you have:
-sales, management (entertainment management) or marketing related university degree,
-some experience in project coordination
-ability to effectively communicate and work as a part of the team.
Monthly financial cost coverage and meals are provided.
This internship offer  is a great opportunity to gain insight into the  entertainment industry and understand the rules it follows in the field. You will also get a unique chance to observe and understand karaoke as one the most crucial part of Indonesian modern culture! During your stay in Kediri you will also be able to explore the beautiful region of East Java with an authentic local culture, unique coffee and cocoa plantations, natural parks, mountains and wild beaches.
Don't miss that out!
We look forward to receive your application!
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