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Good reads about Indonesia: I-I blogosphere review
There is nothing more pleasurable to grow your passion for travelling to some place than discovering real travelling experience of real people, who actually had travelled there. Story-telling never gets old! It's just the way we can reach out to these stories that's changing over time.

During your stay in Indonesia with no doubts you will have enough time to explore popular touristic destinations as well as new spots known only to genuine adventurers and real Indonesia enthusiasts, who dedicated a bit more time and effort to get to places not always marked on maps or described in widely popularized Lonely Planet guidebooks.

We found for you some interesting travel blogging pieces and gave them credits for interesting stories, new facts, unique perspective, humour or beautiful photos!

For your information, we are not cooperating with any of authors listed below *(yet :)!

→ Eazy Traveler: Philippines-based travel journalist, featured in many airlines \ travel magazines. Good talent for story-telling and passion for discovering local ethnicities. Good photos as well!


→ Swiata Penetracja: Polish guy on a year-long scholarship in Lombok island, writing about local traditions and unique ceremonies present in the Archipelago. Backpacker spirit!


→Nomadic Matt: young American, travelling the world since 2006, on his blog gives a lot of useful insights and practical information on how to plan your budget and routes while backpacking in a new place.  

→ Be My Travel Muse: US-born female investment banker, who decided at some point to dedicate her life to travelling and ever since keep on discovering off the beaten path destinations in Asia. Complex entries and many details, helpful for solo travel planning is what you can find here.


→ Josie's Travel Orange Blog: Canadian girl living for one year in Indonesia. Her comic stories about monkeys' adventures made our day!


→ The Change Blog: just one entry dedicated to Indonesia, but worth a read for its message about the powerful energy that can be revealed in every person while embarking on a journey.


→ Ransel Kosong: Jakarta-based young Indonesian photographer, who is taking you on a visual journey to portray his country, its people and culture. Beautiful photos!


Hope you did enjoy the shared stories, adventures, photographies and above all –  that you managed to grasp a bit of travel excitement and this authentic fascination with Indonesian land hidden in between the lines.

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