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Internship after hours – TOP free time activities to do with your company in local style
Internship abroad is a very special time: you have the opportunity to learn new things, test yourself in a completely new environment and finally – to discover new culture, make friends and explore relations with local people on very different levels.
The more exotic the culture, the more intense discovery. The point is, to try new things and to let yourself experience all stuff, especially that kind, you would never expected you can be doing AT ALL or you can be doing THAT way!
In case of Indonesia, we listed for you some of the trending things you can be sure your workmates will invite you to do together:
1. Have a meal at someone's home.
Sharing a meal cooked at home is a common way to express that you like someone and treat him/her almost as a part of the family. So, be ready to eat a lot, as you will very likely be asked to try everything that has been prepared on that occassion.
Ps. While at someone's home, you will stay in 'ruang tamu' – a space for the guests, usually means the first room, open into the street. And yes, that comes with a little extra attention from the neighbours passing by!
2. Have a meal at fast food chain restaurant.
Even though, you woud rather explore local specialities, it's almost certain that your local friends will insist on taking you to their favourite 'Western like' bars and eating places. The trending spots include McDonalds, KFC and Pizza Hut. Believe it or not, these places really ARE  popular.
3. Have a walk in the shopping centre.
Shopping malls make another group of hang out places for young crowd in every city. It's not so much about buying things, but more about beeing seen there and getting familiar with new fashionable gadgets and accessories. As a natural consequence, they want to share it with you as well!
4. Have a ride on the motorcycle.
Everybody rides a motorbike in Indonesia. Statistically, there is enough motorbikes to distribute it within the population and leaving each person with at least one,  including babies and elderly people. Motorcycle rides with friends is a social event, reason to go out and relax. Be prepared to receive invitation to go to the beach or a famous city view point and that you may spend in there just a couple of minutes, before the ride back. The pleasure is on the road!
5. Have a karaoke night.
Karaoke being almost a national sport in the archipelago, it's a highly celebrated activity, shared with friends or relatives (family karaoke places). Before going, make sure you are able to name at least few Indonesian bands as you will be encouraged to make your performance in Bahasa Indonesia! Well, there is plenty of Western artists to choose from too.
Hope you did like at least some of the things mentioned above! Keep in mind, it's about sharing one's world with you: the places, the activities, the ways of living! So, explore the options and 
have fun! 
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