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Internship in Indonesia - program conditions
Duties. (Maxim from Finland, 2013) As a fulltime psychology student, who has just finished bachelor, and a part time business administration student doing the GDBA, my primary goal was getting relevant experience in the field of my expertise. This involved creating a company workshop program aimed at facilitating organizational development and growth, and assisted the managing director through academic consultations on implementing various HR initiatives of the main company. The suggestions were based on questionaire data (provided by the staff), as well as an organizational analysis. I’ve also been involved in the marketing development of the newly started up subsidiary branch of villa rental.

Conditions. (Serafine from Austria, 2015) The hosting organization supported me in all things. They really try hard to make my stay as comfortable as possible. The accommodation is really nice. Additionally they provided us mineral water for free and lunch while on-duty. I also got a bike. I got 10 days holiday and the salary was paid always in the first week of the month.

Experience. (Mariusz from Poland 2014) I had never expected so warm and friendly welcome which I’ve got during my first day in Sumatra. Every day I gain new experiences. I’ve learnt how to provide excellent service in 5 stars hotel and manage restaurant. I met thousand guests and employees. Hotel staff helped me adapt to the new environment. They were so happy to show me the city and they never said no when I asked them something. Indonesia is an amazing place with variety of culture and religions.
Environment. (Luke from the UK, 2012) Truly an amazing country Indonesia has it all. Unbelievable scenery, golden sands, spectacular food, diverse culture all over the country, great nightlife, fun mega-cities and fantastic people. The country is thriving at the minute creating a real buzz amongst the people. Almost every day you can see a new building or new road opening in the city. Indonesia is certainly the place to be.

Assistance. (Laura from the USA, 2013) Internship–Indonesia is a very helpful organization to get people matched with the
internship that is right for them. They have been extremely helpful in getting all the proper documents organized for departure to Indonesia and they make sure you are getting your needs met during your stay. They have also been great at connecting people. I have made many new friends through this organization and for that I am very grateful.
Service. (Vasco from Portugal, 2014) I would describe it as a company that makes the dream of getting to know a wonderful country such as Indonesia come true, and does it in a way where prospective interns won’t feel like tourists but they will feel home away from home.

*Pictures courtesy of the Internship-Indonesia 2014 Facebook Photo Contest participants.

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