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Pre-arrival Bahasa Indonesia Skype classes
Indonesians are appreciative of foreigners that make the effort to learn Bahasa Indonesia and build relationships with them. As you will quickly find out, both business and personal relationships with Indonesians will improve because of the effort made to learn their language.

It is of course possible for you to successfully complete your internship program, nevertheless it is highly recommended that you obtain a basic to intermediate knowledge of the Indonesian national language prior or during your stay. An inability to communicate in Bahasa Indonesia, just like elsewhere in the world, will cut you off from the mainstream of society. By not learning the language, you also deny yourself the rich cultural experience of fully communicating with those from another culture. It might also lose you some money as Indonesian people love to bargain.

Cinta Bahasa is an Indonesian and Balinese Language School in Bali founded by Stephen & Ochie DeMeulenaere. Stephen is from Canada and came to Indonesia in 2000 to volunteer with an Indonesian NGO in central Java, and Ochie is from Padang, Sumatra. Both Stephen and Ochie taught language in public schools and universities, and both understood that a new methodology was needed for teaching Indonesian language to help improve relations between foreigners and Indonesians.

Unlike other schools in Indonesia, instead of overwhelming you in the beginning with grammar and awkward formal speech, at Cinta Bahasa you will learn the language that you will hear wherever you go in Indonesia. Of course we do teach formal language if and when it is needed. The results have been fantastic, with many students learning online from overseas and coming to learn with Cinta Bahasa at their main school located in Bali.

This year, Internship-Indonesia has developed partnership with Cinta Bahasa. As both were founded by volunteers, we want to encourage more people to come to Indonesia, intern and contribute to making the country better. For this reason they offer a special rate for volunteers. When you register to take a course, please add the note that you are with Internship-Indonesia and a special discounter rate will be applied :)

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