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5 Culture Shocks in Indonesia we tell you how to prepare for!

1. Livestyle of rich and famous...suddenly you are one of them!

Let's see if you can manage the average of 100 smiles per day that will be shared with you by the locals. Pics requests, always polite and often shy, can get boring or even annoying at some point but keep in mind the joy the local people get from having a foto with you :) Try to understand the stereotypes, too - you are probably rich because you could afford the flight ticket to Indonesia, you surely play football well, even if you are not tall and your eyes are not blue - you are still a rare sight worth taking a pic with!

2. Why are you late?

Better don't ask unless you are ready for an explanation that probably won't make much sense for you. Please don't feel offended either, it's just the way things go here. Spanish people have their manana (tomorrow) Indonesians have their jam karet - rubber time. Business meeting or a date - showing up even 1-2 hours late is...normal!

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A friend or a stranger, anyone can ask anyone questions about age, employment, religion, marital status...Indonesia is a group society and individuals shouldnt have any secrets. Give whatever answers you want and try to understand the other side, in Indonesia it is perfectly normal and even considered polite/friendly to keep the conversation going.

4. Why there seems to be no road rules?

Chaos? Seems like! Little rules make everyone drive slow and careful. Lanes are rarely respected, seatbelts are almost never worn, any number of passangers or goods can be transported on motorcycle... observe first and only then try to understand. Please keep in mind when in one European city an urban experiment was conducted and all road signs removed the number of accidents fell dramatically and that idea seems to be working in Indonesia, too ;)

5. Winter jackets

What's wrong with fashion in Indonesia? Why do people wear winter clothes in a tropical country? There are two reasons. One is to prevent cold (masuk angin - wind entering your body reducing its natural immunity) second to keep the body...cool. Yes! covering all elements of the body from direct sunshine will help maintain the temperature. Maybe don't go as far as the locals do, no need to bring winter clothes but a long-sleeve shirt is a smart thing to wear.
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