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What are the top 5 paradise islands in Indonesia?
Everybody knows Bali, the Island of Gods. Can it still be called paradise island? In our opinion most of its parts still can be defined as paradise (is there a one definition though?) but we know that many of those who visited might not agree. Where to see the pristine beauty and enjoy the undamaged nature and culture then? Since on average our program participants dedicate extra one or two weeks on exploring Indonesia it would be difficult to go too wild within that time but let's check out the list we have prepared for you and see how many points you can check during your time in Indonesia!

1. Bangka / Belitung 
Bangka and Belitung Islands are located just in the east coast of Sumatra. Transparent waters, golden white beached lined with granite stone formations and several offshore sand islands plus a 130 years old lighthouse and a magnificent Kong Hu Chu temple. Excellent destination for weekend getaway, snorkelling, leisure and watersports. Accessible via local airport with many daily flights to major nearby cities.

Closest internship location: Palembang (Sumatra), Jakarta (West Jawa)

2. Bunaken
Bunaken is an island in the Bay of Manado, situated in the north of the island of Sulawesi, along with three other islands, together make the Bunaken National Marine Park. It is easily accessibly from the port of Manado (capital of North Sulawesi province). Amazing diving and snorkelling destination with numerous spicies of sea turtles, reef sharks, dugongs, barracuda and other amazing creatures roaming the waters. Among greatest diving attractions is the 60m long German merchant ship sunk in 1942.

Closest internship location: Bali, Balikpapan (Borneo)

3. Karimun Jawa
Archipelago consisting of 27 islands located in the north of Jawa protected under the Karimunjawa National Park. Accessible by ferry from Jepara of Semarang (capital of Central Jawa with many flight connections). The biodiversity found in Karimunjawa is wondrous and makes it an increadible place for snorkelling, diving and wreckdiving. Among the most significant are the 44 different species of mangroves, 11 species of sea grass, 9 species of sea weed, and 444 species of fish. The coral itself has 176 different species that you likely want to see while snorkeling.  Not only watersports but trekking can be exciting, too.

Closest internship location: Jogjakarta (Central Jawa), Surabaya (East Jawa)

4. Komodo
Modern day dragons, althought they spurt no fire, do not fly nor cast magic spells, still can render you speechless. Two to three meters long lizard-like creatures in wild are an amazing sight. Komodo National Park includes three major islands, Komodo, Rinca, Padar and numerous smaller islands. To get here the most comfortable way would be to fly to Labuan Bajo and hire a boat at the local port. While in the area you can enjoy exciting trekking (accompanied by a local guide) great snorkelling and diving.

Closest internship location: Bali, Balikpapan (Borneo)

5. Derewan
Named third best dive destination in the world,... doesn't it say by itself? Isolated 31 islands off the west coast of Borneo accessible by boat from Tanjung Redeb in Beraus (daily flights from Balikpapan) offer soft white sandy beaches fringed with waving palm trees, pristine waters that change color from green to deep blue, extraoridinary underwater diversity of giant turtles, dolphins, dugongs, barracudas, manta rays, stingless jellyfish and whales. In short, Derawan is one of the world's richest areas in bio-diversity.

Closest internship location: Balikpapan (Borneo)

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