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Internship in Indonesia - intern's perspective

You just got to love this one! Zala is having her internship teaching 4 and 5 year old kids in Bekasi, nearby Jakarta and maintains an amazing diary of her stay - probably the most comprehensive narrative from an intern's point of view.

Click the link below to learn:

- what her biggest first shock was on arrival to Jakarta
- how she can't even get enough sleep, as there is so much fascinating stuff happening around
- where she ate the best seafood ever
- whether durian - the world's smelliest fruit - is actually delicious or just opposite
- why she uses 'amazing' twice and 'beautiful' once in just two sentences when describing Jakarta
- how her pupils love to touch her skin and hair
- why the locals calls her 'princess'
- what she loves about the malls here (attention, ladies!)

... and much, much more!

We have to admit, the narrative is super accurate, really gives you the feeling of what you can expect when interning with us. And with Zala's entertaining writing style, insightful pictures and regular updates - it's a super enjoyable read, a must for anyone considering an internship and great memory for those who've already been here. Absolutely recommended!

Enjoy your read!

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