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What makes Ubud so special?
Ubud. The most iconic area of the most iconic Indonesian island – Bali. What makes it so special? Why is it famous throughout the whole world? How come so many keep coming back, enchanted with its beauty?

Ubud is It is the spiritual and artistic centre of the Island of Gods. Traditional rituals, dances and drama can be seen in the area daily and art galleries, workshops, cafes, yoga studios flourish along the streets. While this oasis of peace and tranquility keeps attracting multiple visitors from around the planet, the local authorities keep the area authentic and traditional. Thus you will not find big fancy resorts and multiple banks here, instead being more likely to come across a second-hand book store or a romantic little café. At the same time, if you decide to go a little bit further from the centre, you will see plenty of amazing rice terraces, where the village life carries on relatively undisturbed.

To put it briefly, the astonishing surroundings, tradition and rich culture make Ubud a combination unseen anywhere else in the world and rightly capturing the hearts of those who were lucky enough to have the experience.

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