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11 random facts you didn’t know about Indonesia
It’s a diverse island country, with the biggest Muslim population in the world. Jakarta, the hectic and fascinating capital poses multiple opportunities. Bali is a Hindu parad… Enough!

If you are interested in Indonesia or even just browsed any guide book, you probably know these facts by heart. That’s why we’ve come up with something different, that would make the country look even more fascinating… Check out the 11 unusual, random facts about Indonesia!

- Usually speaking their regional language (Javanese, Sumatran, etc.), the national Bahasa Indonesia and often at least some English, Indonesians ranks as the top trilingual nation in the world, followed by the Israeli and Spanish

- Around 200 new species of animals are discovered in Indonesia every year. A true paradise for any flora and fauna study!

- Heavily dependent on rice culture, Indonesians have as many as three different names for rice: rice in the field is called padi, rice grain at the market is called beras, and cooked rice on your plate is called nasi.

- Indonesia, supported by Americans, launched a communication satellite into space in 1976, becoming the first developing country to operate their own domestic satellite system.

- The children on Bali are traditionally given fours names. All Balinese people are named one of just 4 names: Wayan, Made, Nyoman or Ketut. Both men and women.

- The Indonesian archipelago consists of over 17000 islands. About half of them are so virgin that they don’t even have names yet. Some are privately owned. A private isle anyone?

- At the top of the Indonesian volcano Kelimutu you can find three lakes, each of which periodically changes color from turquoise to green, red and black. Such transformations are caused by volcanic gases, which react with a variety of minerals dissolved in the water, thereby changing the color of the lakes.

- Indonesia is near the bottom of the ranking in "Speed of walk" among all the countries in the world. Even though people in Jakarta are busy as other workers in big cities of the world, their walking speed is notably slow.

- Indonesia and Monaco have virtually the same flag. Do you know the difference? Indonesia's is slightly wider.

- Over 100 active volcanoes and hundreds more inactive are the reason behind 4 earthquakes throughout the country on an average day.

- There is only one place with snow in the country – it’s the Mount of Jaya Wijaya, Papua, the highest point of the archipelago.

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