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Internships In-Depth, Marina from Germany

Internships In-Depth 

Internships in-Depth provides a more detailed glimpse of the Internship Indonesia experience.  As we cover a wide range of industries across many locations in Indonesia, this series offers a portrait of internship life based on previous interns who have successfully completed their placements. 


What would it be like to intern for web and digital agency in Jakarta? 

Marina is a student from Europe who decided to experience the answer herself.  Taking on the challenge of relocating to Indonesia’s capital, Marina found herself in the heart of the city, interning with the HR department of a large team of digital marketing experts with over 20 years’ experience. 


The following transcript was taken from Marina’s feedback from her internship. 

Internship Indonesia: can you generally describe your internship and time spent in Indonesia? 

MarinaDuring my internship in Jakarta/Indonesia I learnt a lot about the different cultures and people around the world. The opportunity of attending an internship in Indonesia made me grow as a person and the tasks at my working place fitted my studies in Germany.  Living here was easy for me because everyone is being friendly and helping you out if you need something. Also the food here is delicious and I totally fell in love with most of it. You have so many opportunities to go for dinner, having fun or just hang out. Definitely a great experience for me. 

Internship Indonesia: Was your hosting organization helpful? Were the general internships conditions met and the internship standard kept? 

Marina: I also had the opportunity to get to know other departments like Human Resources, so it was very helpful, especially for my studies. 

Internship IndonesiaHow does Indonesia match the expectations and general ideas you had about the country prior to the departure from your home country? 

Marina: Not at all, it was totally different than I expected it. But although it was great, it was even better than I expected it. At the beginning everyone told me that it’s dangerous here. But I haven’t experienced any dangerous situation since I’m here. So I felt totally comfortable all of the time. 

Internship Indonesia: What are three things you are most satisfied with regarding the internship and your Indonesian experience in general? 


People I met during the time here, made a lot of new friends here in Indonesia. 

Things I learnt during my internship, like HR/Online Marketing and different cultures in general. 

All the nice places I’ve been to and the food I tasted. 


Internship Indonesia: is there one moment from your internship you think you will never forget? 

MarinaDue to my HR tasks I met a lot of people in the office and talked with them. They were a lot of funny people. I guess these conversations are something I will never forget. But the whole internship and the whole time I spend here is unforgettable. 


Internship IndonesiaHow would you describe Internship-Indonesia to the prospective candidates? 

MarinaInternship Indonesia is an organization that tries to get you a proper company all over Indonesia where you can improve your skills and for sure learn something new. Indonesia is a perfect place to learn more about cultures, get to know Asia and especially the delicious Asian/Indonesian food and grow yourself. Internship-Indonesia is always here if you need anything. 

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