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Durian - the most unusual fruit ever
Anyone who has ever tried durian cannot be indifferent to it. You can love it or hate it. In South East Asia durian is called “king of fruits” because of its large size, strong odour and formidable thorn-covered husk. It is also very expensive, even in a producing country, because it is difficult to grow and dangerous to pick.


You may have heard about the ban of bringing durian to public places such as hotels, planes and public transport, because of its disgusting, fetid smell, described by some as a smell of old socks, dog’s poop or old rubbish. But apart from this unpleasant feature, it has many other characteristics that make it so extraordinary.


Its taste is disputable. Some describe it as delicious, some at the beginning can barely swallow the fruit. You should give it a try and make your own opinion. To make your task easier, some advise to start with the kinds of durian with weaker smell and taste.

Only for people

Spiky husk of durian make us wonder whether the fruit is specially created for man to enjoy. Animals seem not clever enough to open it. It is said that monkeys are sometimes seen in a wood sitting beside a fallen durian and crying, because they have no means to open it. If the fruit is meant for man, there should be more reason for man to eat it.

Very nutritious

Actually, it is an excellent source of energy. One serving of this fruit is 243 grams and it covers about 20% of your daily needs for carbohydrates. It has high fiber content. Each serving contains about nine grams of fiber which is 37% of your daily needs. It is high in vitamin C. There is also quite a bit of vitamin It is high in iron, copper and potassium. Durians have tryptophan, also known as natural sleeping pill. It is a good source of thiamin. Lastly, durian fruits have a lot of folic acid. One serving contains about 20% of your daily requirement of folic acid.

Aphrodisiac The Javanese believe the durian is an aphrodisiac, and as the old saying goes: durian jatuh, sarong naik, or literally “when the durians fall, the sarong goes up.” This aphrodisiac claim was supported by scientists from India, who found that male mice fed durian over a 14-day period, demonstrated increased libido as well as an increase in both their sperm count and sperm mobility.

Be careful

You should be careful while mixing the fruit with an alcoholic drink because in traditional belief, both are considered of hot nature, and a combination of the two would become explosive inside the human body. Some even believe that it is a deadly combination but there is not enough scientific evidence.

How they eat it

You can find durian ice cream, desserts, smoothies and pancakes recipes. But it is not only used in sweet dishes. Red-fleshed durian is traditionally added to sayur, an Indonesian soup made from fresh water fish. It is used to make ikan brengkes, a fish cooked in a durian-based sauce, traditional in Sumatran islands. Durian seeds can be also eaten boiled or roasted.

Are you ready to try it yourself? For sure you would have plenty opportunities during your internship in Indonesia!

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