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What impact on your life can an international internship have?
Having finished your studies, you looked at your diploma with a mix of anxiety and disbelief. It all passed so quickly and you are still not sure what to do after graduation. You do not need to rush. Many students nowadays decide to take a gap year or at least few months off before applying for a full-time job. It gives you some time to decide what is your dream carrer. If you choose to spend this year on an international internship, you will gain some experience in your field and in the same time experience once in a lifetime adventure.

There are plenty benefits you can have from an international internship. Apart from those mentioned above, there are at least five more.

Firstly, you become more open-minded when you travel and intern abroad. You leave your comfort zone and have an opportunity to see that things can be done in many different ways.

Secondly, you get to know new people from all over the world. It can result in new friendships and a network of business contacts. It also opens you to different cultures, religions and customs.

Thirdly, you learn many life skills such as leadership ability, communication skills, flexibility. You will also find yourself in new, sometimes unpredictable, situations and you will have to manage without help of your family and mates.

The fourth thing is gaining proficiency in a language. You won’t have any other choice than just use it. There is no better way of becoming fluent than a total immersion and you will definitely experience it.

The last, but not the least, you will have a unique opportunity to get to know the country from the inside. You will get not only tourist perspective, but also a view of someone who really lives there.


Considering an international internship, you should choose a country that will be interesting both as a business and tourist destination. Indonesia with its outstanding nature, cultural heritage and blooming industry and technology has all you need to boost your CV and have a great time. Apply for your internship now!

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