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Go Smart! Essential mobile apps while living in Indonesia
It's not a secret that Indonesia is currently one of the largest mobile markets, with a vast population of users, making the 4th most digitally enganged community globally (especially on social media platforms and services applications). Along with a high demand, there are coming high-tech business ventures and foreign investors, boosting further development of a digital Indonesian landscape. What does it mean for the average user? - A great influx of new specialised applications, startup-founded and responding to the needs of a local market.

We have selected a few most popular and most useful ones, so that your stay in Indonesia can be even more pleasurable from day 1. transforming smoothly into a truly fun experience!



Initially introduced as sharing motorbike rides service (two-wheel version of a famous UBER), currently offers a wide range of services on-demand. Via Gojek you can order food, mail delivery, grocery shopping and even a massage!



To sum it up shortly, it's GPS maps application, filled with local points of interest, businesses, divided by handy categories and coming wiht extra information, like ie. current traffic situation. It's useful for neighbourhood exploration and can help while finding a way to the stores nearby.



This travel application provides an accurate search engine for browsing the best flight connections and price deals. It's highly focused on a domestic market and so far has no competitiors in finding best commuting options locally.



Social media platform, with very similar to Facebook funcionalities, grew big specifically on Indonesian market. The main feed is quite raw and allows to post information about everything you said and did, what next is being shared or reacted to by other users.



Application designed to avoid traffic jam and to project the best available commuting route in the city. Used mainly in Jakarta, but currently expanding to other Javanese metropolis.



Essential straight-to-mobile shopping application, that allows users to sell their products on several local marketplaces simultaneously. At the same time, it helps to build a connection between seller and merchant, by adding 'follow' option, aimed to get alerts on best deals and seasonal promotions.


We believe the applications listed above will give you some idea about Indonesia's digital market characteristics and more importantly, that you will find them useful during your interning time in the archipelago! Go digital and explore Indonesia!

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