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Stay alive! - exciting activities to try in Bali!

The natural environment of Indonesia (meaning geography, location and climate) make it a perfect destination for outdoor activities and practising various types of sports. Adding to it an exotic vibe of the archipelago and favourable weather conditions, we receive an optimal mix to create a perfect gateway for all the adrenaline seekers in this part of South East Asia. The offer varies from island to island, so we prepared for you a short listing, taking into consideration water adventures to be experienced in The Island of Gods. 
Cliff Jumping
There is more than just one good spot to perform cliff jumping, especially along the southern part of the  island, but one of the most famous one is Mahana Point, located offshore Bali, within a little lagoon called – Nusa Ceningan, known also as Blue Lagoon Cliff Jump. The place is truly picturesque with a turquoise water surrounding the coast and big turtles that can be spotted straight from the cliff. Even if you don't feel like throwing yourself down from the rock, it's also a great place to snorkel or to have a swim with a colourful fishes. 
Cave Diving 
In the eastern part of the island, you can find the famous Gili Biaha dive spot, with a mysterious Sharks Cave. As the name indicates, this part of the underwater kingdom is home for numerous sharks, along with lobsters and butterfly fishes. Please keep in mind that diving in the caves requires some previous diving experience due to low temperature, big depths and strong current. 
If staying under water is not necessary your thing, canyoning in the waterfalls might be worth a try! One of the best routes includes Gitgit Waterfall and is located in the central part of the island, close to the hippie village of Ubud. Canyoning is recommended during the rainy season or at least after heavy rainfalls, what makes the whole activity more exciting, but also more demanding at the same time. Popular spots to consider are: Kalimudah and Tukad Hijau. 
The idea of riding the waves in an alternative way has found its most adventurous face by combining surfing, windsurfing, gymnastics, paragliding and wake boarding. It sounds extreme and so it is! Kite surfing demands a great physical strenght and stamina along with body balance and mental toughness, yet it has a growing community of worshippers around the Globe. In Bali you can find good kitesurfing spots around Sanur and Tanjung Benoa. 
Water Tubing 
The northern region of Bali – Payangan, is shaped with numerous streams, canyons and rivers what naturally attracts all the white water rafting and tubing enthusiasts. While in rafting you have the whole group of people united to fight the stream, tubing is an intense solo experience, where every movement of your body does matter while going with the current. Additional benefit is an overwhelming nature of Bali, with its lush forest and exotic river fauna. 
Looking at the options we picked for you, there is nothing else to say but to admit that Indonesia naturally inspires an adventurous spirit and creative outdoor explorations of the country. As the island of Bali has responded in a very dynamic way to the needs of travellers and sports fans, it quickly became one of the signature places within the archipelago to perform a bit more extreme or unusual sports. We encourage you to use your internship time to try some new options from the wide range of outdoor adventures on offer in Indonesia and make your time here 'sth to remember'. 
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