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City lights: Malang – mini urban guide

Since Malang, located in the East part of Java island, is one of our most popular internship destinations, we prepared for you a short sum up of the hottest spots and 'must see' places in the city and in the neighbourhood! Malang is famous as metropolis with a perfect balance between tradition and modernity, culture and entertainment, nature and urban lifestyle. Thanks to its convenient geolocation, it has a cool climate and diverse landscapes: from the white-sand beaches to lush green strawberry fields and high volcanic mountains within Bromo-Tengger-Semeru National Park.  
Once in Malang, visit main square (Alun-Alun Tugu) with trendy cafes and bars displaced around the little park and along the central streets. It's also a good spot to plan your shopping, as you can find here few shopping malls and a bit more traditional outdoor markets (flowers and birds market, as well as Saturday's night market are definitely a 'must visit'). Malang is also a popular University destination, therefore you will normally find here young crowds and many Western-styled places, with live music and bars serving European cuisine. Other than that, you can visit entertainment and recreational parks: Batu Night Spectacular, Jatim Park or Eco Green Park, to mention the most famous ones.
The city itself is surrounded by fruits plantations (mostly apples and strawberries) and cosy street open-air cafes with view points to see the city below the hills. Agrotourism is practised here, so a weekend in one of the local 'Agrowisatas' destinations is an option to spend some more time in the greenery. Another benefit of the area is presence of the natural hot springs, some of them converted into private resorts, but others still authentic and easy accessible for everyone. 
For those who prefer relax in the pure nature rather then city lights there is still quite few options left, reachable within one-day trip. Wide coast with beaches like Balekambang, Goa Cina, Si Pelot or Sedang Biru means good relax spots and basic accommodation. There is also a hidden little island located offshore, accessible by boat from Sendang Biru, called Sempu Island. It does not have any tourist infrastructure nor shops, so be prepared for an off-the-beaten track adventure, trekking in a muddy forest and a bit of cliff climbing included. The reward is a pristine lagoon with a little bay, perfect for an overnight bonfire and camping.  
Moreover, in Malang district you can find one of the prettiest waterfalls of East Java, including a rainbow waterfall – Coban Pelangi with a spectacular bamboo bridge and Coban Rondo. Both located within short ride from Malang city and reachable within a short hike through the jungle (easy trails). 
To close the list, we recommend you to visit Bromo – Semeru National Park, an area inhabited by Tenggerese, one of the few significant Hindu communities left on the island of Java. The Park itself is marked by two still active volcanoes: Bromo and Semeru and the Tenger caldera within them forming a massive volcanic landscape of numerous craters. It is possible to access Bromo all year round, however to reach Semeru – a special permit from the park authorities is needed. The area is specifically magical during the sunrise with a thick mist and sunbeams covering the mountains and warm clothing is advisable since temperature drops significantly due to the heights (over 3000m). 
All in all, Malang is a quite relaxed city with a wide offer, where everyone can find something interesting to do, regardless the interests and preferences. The charm of Malang lies also in its surroundings, with numerous attractive spots located within a short distance. It means long hours and days of exploration, with many many things to try and places to be discovered. 
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