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Warung – one of a kind Indonesian oasis!

Indonesian society is an example of how human diversity can co-exist in a peaceful and co-operative manner in terms of social life, celebrating cultural events and daily rituals, practised by all Indonesians, regardless status, origin or an economic level. The world of dining and traditional food is with no doubt a surface where this specific solidarity in Indonesian society is well visible.  
The concept of warung has been introduced to accommodate the needs of fresh, easy to make & easy to eat food, within affordable prices. Warung itself means a street food, open-air 'restaurant', which more often is just a simple, improvised food stall, with eating spaces arranged on the street and around the pavements. The typical warung serves only one dish or one type of food and therefore along one street there is typically many warungs, placed one next to each other. Afternoon dining time is marked by maghreb (sunset) and lasts until late night hours. 
Warung is also a place that reflects the whole society in a micro-scale. People, who normally do not have things in common, do not do the same type of work, do not visit the same shops, do not spend their free time in the same manner, all come to warungs as eating on the street is an important habit along all the social classes. 
A typical warung dedicated to selling food is called 'warung makan', whereas warungs that serve more like coffeshops are known as 'warung kopi'. Other thing that is implied on a place for being warung is a low range of prices and fact that the food is being prepared in front of your eyes. 
Since warungs normally occupy more centric parts of the cities or villages, they become a centre of family reunions, friends gatherings and romantic teenage dates. It is not uncommon to see people playing guitar, singing or playing cards and simple board games. So, a businessman will sit next to a riksha driver and Muslim next to Hindu believer, with their expensive cars and simple bicycles parked along the same street. Everyone with topics to share and with an intention to socialize and take the most out of this special time. 
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