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Great digital marketing internship within creative arts sector!

One of the many interesting faces of Indonesia is its arty dimension with rich tradition of colourful hand-crafts and a profound creativity and originality of its people, producing unique art and crafts pieces across the archipelago. From tribe to tribe, Indonesian people preserve authentic motives, fabric and techniques, becoming an impactful inspiration for brand new generations of international artists and newly created art galleries and fashion houses. 
Our latest interning opportunity is an invitation to join an art jewellery company, working with local producers and supplying the international market, being present in Europe, US and Australia. The internship is focused on the online marketing and sales activities with the use of new technologies.
Main responsibilities: 
-managing online communication channels 
-developing social media strategy 
-conducting advertising online campaigns
-managing customers' portfolio 
-preparing market research and sales strategy. 
Intern's profile: 
-excellent communication skills 
-high English proficiency 
-good knowledge of online advertising platforms 
-interest in social media and social media marketing 
-creativity and passion for art & crafts.
This internship is a great chance for those interested in retail and jewellery sector, in terms of working on the international market from the Asian perspective. It's also a unique occasion to polish digital marketing skills and establish a highly independent role within the company. 
The hosting company will provide pocket money and help with arranging an accommodation. 
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