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10 reasons why internship in Indonesia is a perfect New Year's resolution!

2017 is almost over! It was a truly amazing year, filled with magical encounters, new friendships, learning new skills and taking big steps forward, as of stepping out of the comfort zone. We, at Internship-Indonesia, can confess with all the responsibility that we would not do anything differently and are most happy to see the interns' family that keeps on growing and creating valuable networks of international friends and professional contacts! 
If you are still thinking of taking some new challenge or new adventure for the coming year, taking few months off your routine and embark to Indonesia might be a good fit! Why? 
1. Sunshine mode on 365 days a year!
Due to its geographical location, Indonesia is one of the sunniest countries in the region, with a coastline of almost 55 thousand km and outstanding number of pristine beaches and lagoons. Even during the rainy season, there are parts of the archipelago where the rain is hardly noticeable. 
2. Kindness and openness of the local people!
Indonesians are known for their generous hospitality and friendliness towards other people, especially coming from different countries and cultures. They do immediately start the conversation with tons of questions and the next moment they invite to their home and treat every stranger as the very special friend who is taking all the honours. 
3. Amazing variety of delicious food!
Starting with fruits and smoothies, through fresh fish and seafood to fried rice & noodles classics, with a perfect finish of tasteful sauces and toppings. Every city, every region has its own classic dishes with a unique touch and some locally grown ingredients, therefore the culinary journey never ends.
4. Breathtaking nature!
The Indonesian archipelago, with over 17 thousand islands offers authentic and beautiful landscapes varying from high mountains and volcanoes, to lush green hills and plantations and white-sand beaches with hidden in between little bays and turquoise lagoons. It takes quite a time to explore it all! 
5. Millionaire feeling!
Thanks to the local currency of Indonesia, rupiah, prices for every single product and service are being counted in millions. To add to it, 1 EUR is an equivalent of approximately 16 000 rupiah, what makes shopping an extremely rewarding experience, taking into consideration all the millions spent, that in reality do not exhaust the traveller's budget too much. 
6. Street food!
Food appears on the list for the 2nd time for a good reason. It's not only cheap, fresh and mostly delicious, but also widely available thanks to a highly developed street eating culture in Indonesia. There are street vendors, with the little portable stalls walking the streets and neighbourhoods 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, making food shopping available almost from the very doorsteps. 
7. Unique fauna & flora!
Due to the island location, Indonesia hosts some of the endemic species of plants and animals, that depending on the island, appear in nature or in the natural parks and wildlife preservation centres. 
That makes the experience of being in Indonesia even more unique and authentic as the contact with wild nature is more and more limited worldwide. 
8. Celebrity status!
Indonesian people love social media and exchange daily thousands of photos and other visual content. Taking into consideration the curiosity and friendliness that local people have towards newcomers, one may take for granted a huge interest and repeated requests to make friends on Facebook (or any other social media platform), as well as posing together to endless photo shoots.
9. Richness of culture!
With over 300 ethnic groups living in the archipelago, Indonesia becomes a truly vibrant blend of local traditions and rituals, with celebrations taking place in every corner of the country, almost every day. Needless to say, one can participate or at least observe and experience festivities present in a tribe or a specific ethnic group, unique for a certain time and zone of the island. 
10. Trustful organization! 
While making the choice of an internship destination, it's important to conduct a proper research and make sure that the intermediate organization will fulfil all the necessary requirements to make the internship safe, satisfactory and valuable from the professional and personal perspective. It's also worth to check other participants testimonies as well as content available on the website and on social media platforms! 
Hope you are a bit inspired now, as of your interning plans for the next year! 
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