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Weekend getaway - Belitung island
Could a 45-minutes flight be enough to get from Jakarta to a tropical paradise? A weekend getaway to Belitung island gives positive answer - definitely yes!

The population is centred in several small towns; the largest are Tanjung Pandan in the west and Manggar in the east. Belitung is small enough that more or less any point on the island can be reached in under two hours from Tanjung Pandan. As public transportation on the island is hard to find, the only practical way of moving around is by taxi, or rent a car or a motorcycle. This tiny island paradise is part of the Bangka-Belitung island province in Indonesia, which also includes several other smaller islands ripe for exploration. Featuring dreamy white sand beaches and views that are like no other, here is where you’ll get to relax and cleanse both your mind and soul.

Budget? Return ticket from Jakarta is between 40 - 60 euro. Homestay will cost you less than 25 euro a day and a 3-4 star hotel is under 40 euro. Complete seafood dinner for two on a seaside is approximately 10-  15 euro. 

Beaches, island hopping, snorkelling, food...and what else? Check out here things to do in Belitung.

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