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Indonesia after hours – the highlights of living in paradise!
Many people living in Europe or America, see Indonesia mostly as a remote holidays destination, an exotic getaway, a perfect place to escape Western civilization and the everyday routine. When we think Indonesia, we create in our mind the images of magnificent palm trees reaching the sky, perfectly crystal water and endless white-sand beaches. The same time, Indonesian archipelago has much more to offer, what truly makes it an ideal Asian hot-spot also for those, seeking professional inspirations, reconnection with nature and with people - still so genuine about their rituals, traditions and cultural heritage.
Besides, the everyday lifestyle in Indonesia can bring one, coming from the other side of the Globe, quite few pleasant surprises, what certainly makes the whole experience even more unforgettable!
1. Street food (fruits you cannot find anywhere else!)
In Indonesia delicious food is literally everywhere. Due to a high popularity of street vendors and portable street stalls, there is something to eat available usually within 10-20 metres proximity regardless of the location, 24 /7. The most favourite part of all is that food is prepared in front of your eyes, always fresh and delicious.
2. Summertime (all year round!)
Indonesian climate means: no cold, no wind, no snow policy. Due to the archipelago's location, there is a rainy season coming to the islands, however it varies in terms of rain intensity and duration, across the archipelago, being highly pleasant within the islands of Bali and Java. Bali itself is known as the island of the eternal sunshine, since the transition between the rainy and the dry season is hardly noticeable there.
3. Scooter culture
Living in Indonesia means using scooter as the main way of transportation around the neighbourhood. The good news is that with an international driving license, you are allowed to ride a scooter (meaning a small city motorcycle) and that is very easy to pick up the basic rules of commuting on the road (remembering about the left-side traffic rule).
4. Highly cultural surrounding
Cultural heritage preserved in the country up to modern times is an impressive mix of different religious and native tribes influences, in form of Islamic mosques, Hindu and Buddhist Temples, Christian churches, but also local festivities, cultural performances and ritual celebrations.
In the average Indonesian city or any little village, there will be some local celebration taking place almost everyday. In addition, the inclusiveness of the local communities and easy-going nature of Indonesian people makes observing, discovering and even participating in all the festivities effortless for a person coming from the outside. If lucky, one may even gain a special guest privilege and obtain an important place during the activities.
5. Beautiful nature
At this point, it may seem that we do come back to this entry opening, undermining all the gems of Indonesian nature, highly promoted by mass tourism. The truth is that becoming the archipelago inhabitant and settling down in the area for a little while, opens up the whole new dimension of nature exploration. Each neighbourhood, whether on the coast, hidden inland the country or located in the mountainous area, has its own beauties ready to be discovered. There will be jungle trails, abandoned beaches, mysterious forests, magnificent waterfalls, nature preservation parks, tribal villages, blue lagoons, wild cliffs, sand deserts – off the beaten track. There will be also rice terraces, banana plantations and strawberry fields - just next to your windows. There will be nature to be experienced with all the senses.
We hope that the ideas built around Indonesian lifestyle encourage your curiosity and the willingness to explore this part of South-East Asia. Even if, the perks mentioned above can be related with more than only one country from the region, in case of Indonesia, it all creates a unique composition of authentic Indonesian experience, that in this combination cannot be spotted anywhere else. Believe us or just discover it yourselves!
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