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Does paying for an internship make sense?

It is Thibaut's (French, 21yo student of European Business School in Wiesbaden) last week of his 4-months long internship in Indonesia. How does he feel about this investment? Was it worth it? What were the things that he disliked? Here comes some first-hand testimonies:

Q: How would you generally describe your time spent in Indonesia and how did you happen to be here:

A: My university program is comprised of 1 full year of internship in which I need to have two different positions. I was not sure where I wanted to go back in late 2017 but I knew that I wanted to travel outside Europe as I never did before. All I knew is that I was more attracted by Asians country than the rest of the world. A friend then told me about Indonesia and that’s where the journey started. I stumbled upon Internship Indonesia in the process of my research and decided to ask for their service. Doing so was probably one of the best decision I made in the past years of my life. Not only the guys are full of great advices (thanks Marcin for the support) but they also managed to find me the perfect internship position with regards to my inquiry. Going to Indonesia alone and experiencing the ‘local’ life in a company is life changing and open your mind so much. I loved my time both in and outside my company as there are so much to do, explore and discover in Indonesia, possibilities are endless. I was a bit worried to go alone in the first place, but it is so easy to make friends here that it’s the last thing you should worry about. The company I worked in was fantastic, people, tasks and everything was on point and fitting what I asked for.  All in all, it was an outstanding experience and I cannot wait to come back here in the near future!

Q: Did you take any vaccinations prior to coming to Indonesia, if yes, then what kind of? Have you experienced any health issues during your stay in Indonesia?

A: No — everything was fine.

Q: Was your hosting organization helpful? Were the general internships conditions met and the internship standard kept?

A: Hosting organization was helpful and conditions as well as standard were perfectly kept.

Q: How does Indonesia match the expectations and general ideas you had about the country prior to the departure from your home country?

A: As for my expectations about Indonesia I only knew the place in itself was beautiful and that there would be so much to explore and learn there. What I did not know however is its people. People are so warmth and welcoming that you feel like home really quickly and it is definitely something great to experience. I confidently can say that Indonesia matched my expectations or maybe even more than this, surpassed them.

Q: Please list three things you are most satisfied with regarding the internship and your Indonesian experience in general:
A: People from my company that I can now consider as real friends 
The environment, not only Bali but also the location of my company, the offices, there are no places where I do not feel happy to be in. 
The freedom — For instance, in my company you are free to come up with new ideas to improve the current processes and so on. That is very much appreciated, and you feel like you really can bring your own ideas onto the table. 

Q: One moment from your internship you think you will never forget?
A: We went to Flores with 3 people of my company and their friends, this is certainly a trip that I will never forget. Full of fun, adventure, amazing landscapes and discoveries.

Q: Please list three things you are least satisfied with regarding the internship and your Indonesian experience in general:

A: Organization of the work sometimes a bit messy in the company especially when one of my manager moved to another position which required some adjustments in the workflow.
My visa was rather complicated to make but this has nothing to do with Internship-Indonesia but with French embassy that requires more documents than other countries and are everything but helpful. 

Q: How would you describe Internship-Indonesia to the prospective candidates?
A: Internship-Indonesia is a helpful and professional organization that I would recommend to my friends and relatives without second guessing. They handle everything from matching you with the right organization to assisting you with every questions that you might have as well as making visa process much easier. In an nutshell, you should not hesitate processing with them for your internship in Indonesia.

We hope you could find this short interview informative enough in order to make your own life-changing decision!

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