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Internship in Indonesia from an Asian perspective

Thanks to the fact Hoa moved from Vietnam to Europe after 12th grade she has this wonderful skill of applying a multi-perspective view to events and people. She has just finished her 3-months long internship in Surabaya, the capital of East Jawa and shared with us some of her first-hand thoughts. 

Was your hosting organization helpful? Were the general internships conditions met and the internship standard kept?

Yes. My hosting company is helpful for me. I met a lot of new colleagues at the office. They are very kind and willing to help me whenever I need a help.
I always have to project to handle. When I finished one, my CEO will think about other project for me to try so I got to learn a lot of thing about ecommerce in Asia region because my hosting company is doing business in many Asia countries such as Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, China, Philippine.

How does Indonesia match the expectations and general ideas you had about the country prior to the departure from your home country?

My expectation for this summer is to learn about new things in Asia region Since I stayed in Europe for 2 years. Luckily, I found a chance to discover Indonesia. Before arrive to Indonesia, I got to know that over 90% of people in Indonesia are Muslim. At first, I was so scared because I have not ever known anything about Muslim but I was ready to figure it out. I came to Indonesia and I was surprised that everyone is different from the way they look to the clothes they wear, I mean the traditional things. But they’re all kind and help me even they cannot speak English. I am grateful to get this chance to know all new things in Indonesia.

Please list three things you are most satisfied with regarding the internship and your Indonesian experience in general:
- People. They are super friendly with me. I have never met them before but they are open to share and help me.
- Host organization / Colleagues. I got a chance to make friend with all of my colleagues. They are lovely and I will keep in touch with them even when I leave Indonesia and come back to Europe. 
- Food. The food in Indonesia is various. I have eaten a lot of new food that I have never eaten before. Thanks to my best friends at the office who show me all good food every day.

One moment from your internship you think you will never forget?
The thing that I was impressed is about the traditional festival of Muslim named Ramadan and People have to do fasting.  I got to know everything about this through all of my colleagues. I will never forget anything about that.

Please list three things you are least satisfied with regarding the internship and your Indonesian experience in general:
- The weather. It is so hot for me, it takes me a long time to adapt with that.
- The security. There was a booming in Surabaya in May.
- The Food. Indonesian like spicy food so sometimes I get problem to order the food.

How would you describe Internship-Indonesia to the prospective candidates?
It is a great chance for anyone who always wants to discover the new things like me. All experience I got during the time doing internship in Indonesia is precious and meaningful. I’m sure that when I come back to Europe in September, all of my classmates are interested to hear about all of my experiences in Indonesia.
I just want to say to the prospective candidates that “You will not know until you try and you will gain more than you thought”.

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