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Free time activities for true adventurers. Feel Inspired!
We bet you have read this Mark Twain quote at least one time in your life:

"Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So, throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbour. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover."

For us it means as much as trying to take the best out of every situation coming our way and face new challenges whenever there is a possibility to do so. Let's take the example of you coming to Indonesia. Can you imagine how many things await you here, that you have never tried before?

Maybe you even did try, but well...it's still Indonesia. :)

If you are a huge fan of Indiana Jones movies and feel like explore a bit more than the usual tourist stuff, we prepare for you few things worth trying, at least once. The good news is also that all these superb activities are available within the island of Java!

The rule is simple here: you need a river and a rubber truck's tire. The rest is about going with a flow. A good option is to try it down the Elo River in Magelang (the province of Central Java, about half an hour ride from Yogyakarta; alternatively Magelang can also be reached from Semarang). The river itself is quite challenging here (between II. and III. grade), but after some training can be approached also by those, who don't have yet too much experience with tubing. The whole route takes between 2.5 and 3 hours to complete. So, if you prefer to take on the river alone with all its waves and rapids, it's definitely a good match for you.

Cave Tubing
And what if we add some extra thrill to the usual tubing experience? Well, there is cave tubing, which combines caving and body rafting activity. Here you are simply floating through a cave river on a rubber tube. The real fun starts when the sunlight disappears and the only beams of light are coming from the headlamps. There are bats hanging from the ceiling, fishes swimming under your feet, it's dark, cold and noisy, well...it just gets scary, believe us! One of the best places to do cave tubing, with quite unique landscapes is Gunungkidul Regency (about 45 minutes from Yogyakarta). Here you can try different routes with different caves. There is Goa Pindul (close to city of Wonosari) and Goa Kalisuci among the most popular ones.

White Water Rafting
„Passing on rubber boat through rapids, you can scream out loud to release stress. Rafting is good for your health as it increases lungs capacity, strength and muscle stamina, plus shoulders and hips joints flexibility” - that's how rafting is being advertised by local passionates. What we can add on top of that is that rafting really gives you the chance to feel the wildest depth of every river. Our pick is Pekalen river, close to Probolinggo (a small city, easily accessible from Malang or Surabaya). Probolinggo is well-known across Java from its picturesque 'white rafting arenas'. The rafting here (between I. and III grade+) on the 9 km route has as many as 30 rapids. To complete the raft takes around 2-3 hours (including some breaks) and it's divided for three section: top Pekalen, middle Pekalen and bottom Pekalen. The bonus on the way is a great cave with hundreds of bats occassionaly flying around, little waterfalls hiden in the forest and some impressive cliffs.

So...are you getting ready to go for any of these adventures? Once you decide to do so, keep in mind that there is many companies and organizations that will help you arrange the whole thing. Starting with the pick up to the place, through providing proper equipment and detailed training on how to behave when in the river, finishing with a professional guidance and assistance to make sure you will complete your route still in one piece.

Please remember: safety first! The rest is just pure fun! :)
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