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Our internships offer is wide and covers many disciplines. Some of you are wondering what is actually behind the terms if the Indonesian reality is to be taken into the account. Therefore, we have decided to publish a short summary of what projects are we currently recruiting for:

Design, marketing, production (Bandung):
This hosting organization is a medium-size company (400 employees), designer and producer of handicrafts, gifts, accessories, lamps, furniture, premium door and other traditional products. It is also a general trading and export company orientated for the global markets.

Human Resources (Jakarta):
Our partner hosting organization has been in the business since 2005. With over 200 projects executed for over 100 clients they can say they know what they are doing with confidence.

Project management (Bali):
This company is focused to help its clients understand more about what our bodies are made of and how they function in order to sustain one's energy for a long time should be a lifetime priority. Customers are both locals and foreigners and the cross-cultural atmosphere of the place is amazing.

Tourism/hospitality (Surabaya):
Our partner hosting organization is a modern, luxurious, business-style hotel located in East Jawa. It braves itself for being designed for business and private guests expecting top-level service. Magnificent view of the city and distinguish furnishings is what drags the customers.

Teaching (Jakarta):
The latest internship we have to offer is targeted at teaching aspiring professionals and gives the opportunity to become a part of a higher education academic environment. Our hosting organization is a well-established University, located within Jakarta urban district, with 7 faculties and 23 diverse studies curriculum.

Digital marketing (Bali):
Intern at an art jewellery company, working with local producers and supplying the international market, being present in Europe, US and Australia. The internship is focused on the online marketing and sales activities with the use of new technologies.

International relations (Purwokerto):
Our latest internship offer is an invitation to join an excellent academic environment and become a part of the International Relations office, with an opportunity to work on the global projects within the education and development fields. This position will also help to enhance office management and project management skills, by taking part in daily tasks and interaction with the University stakeholders.

Keep in mind, the above is only a short sample of the great offer of meaningful internships projects that we can help you experience in Indonesia!

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