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Indonesian pop music and our summer HIT list
Indonesians do love music and play a lot of music! During your stay in the islands you can experience musicians singing and using various instruments literally everywhere. They present different levels of professionalism and vocal skills, but stil everybody wants to perform! While travelling, you will meet people playing music to earn some money, to entertain the audience or simply to spend their free time with a group of friends. It's impressive, as often especially street musicians are making intruments on their own, using everyday house devices and easy-accessible materials.

Indonesian pop music, known also as Indo-pop is influenced mostly by the American and British pop music from one side and by the Japanese J-pop and Korean K-pop from the other. It's an important part of a modern pop culture in the country, strongly connected to the movie industry and television drama series (sinetrons). Thanks to the tradition and language similarities, indonesian music is nowadays popular not only throughout the country, but also in neighbouring Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei. Vibrant pop music is also an expression of the contemporary indonesian lifestyle and a way to promote particular system of values, that young people can identify with. MTV Asia is among the most popular music stations in the region and broadcasts regularly top records from this genre of music. Additionaly, there is plenty of karaoke places in almost every city, as this way of entertainment is getting more and more popular among Indonesian youth.

Pop music artists, as anywhere in the world, after gaining some popularity in Indonesia, are being given the celebrity status and common attention from the public. The song are being written usually in Bahasa Indonesia (national language), but it's also a common practice to mix it with english phrases or prepare the second – the English version of extremely successful tracks. Popular songs are used in order to promote daily products in commercials, certain services, special events but also politicians and public institutions. Music industry is concentrated mostly in the country capital – Jakarta, where most of the professional record studios and companies can be found.

The pop songs in more than 90% of cases are about love and love-related topics. At the same time, the love is likely to be dramatic and unrequited, but always passionate and a life-changing experience.

We opened our ears for indonesian music, that reached the peak of popularity in the islands, so now we can proudly present the results to you. Let's check our selected list of the hot indonesian pop hits. :)

→ Noah „Separuh Aku”


→ d'Masiv „Jangan Menyerah”


→ UNGU „I need you”


→ GIGI „Ya Ya Ya”


→ Agnes Monica „Paralyzed”


Now, you are ready to rock the next home party with some indonesian dance mix! :)
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