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After being in Indonesia for more than few years, we have discovered a great need and desire for international people in this country. Yet, the majority of Indonesian business people perceive this as a near-impossible process. On the other hand, being university graduates ourselves, we know how hard it is to get an interesting, life-enhancing internship. Something that would have only one thing in common with a boring photocopy and coffee making internship in the company next street - easiness of application and realisation.

Our project derives from the great admiration for Indonesian cultural heritage, tradition and highly-inspirational business environment. We work internationally by providing a connecting platform for Indonesian hosting organizations and companies with talented young professionals willing to take part in unique social-cultural projects in Indonesia. Our interns greatly contribute to the common idea of sharing knowledge, culture and professional skills in the most creative spirit.

Since registration of Internship-Indonesia Ltd. in 2011 we have mastered an optimal strategy to communicate internationally with our audience. As a well-known brand, associated with providing excellent educational, cultural and professional experience, we do attract ambitious individuals, willing to take part in this widely enriching for all sides involved global internships project.

Our mission and vision

Our mission is to become a number one connecting platform for international students and recent graduates with Indonesian hosting organisations, in order to realize mutually beneficial internships. Our vision is a large number of satisfied partners, members of the Internship-Indonesia society - source of great life experience and profits for both sides.
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