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Homecountry: Lithuania
Internship location: Denpasar, Bali
Year of participation: 2012
Duration: 3 months
Internship Industry: Administration and Marketing
My name is Jurgita and I am sending warmest Regards from Bali! It's been already some days since I left my homecountry of Lithuania and arrived in this paradise island, but they were filled with countless number of new experiences, new people, new activities and new information, therefore I feel like I will live here muuuuch longer. ;) The company accepted us very friendly and, although, most of our colleagues don't speak English very well, they are trying to do their best in order to create a warm working atmosphere. I really appreciate it and I'm sincerely looking forward to all future challenges. First  week we just got to know the company, people, visited a few company's pursuing projects - hotels located in various places in Bali and soon we will start preparing our own project and meeting with company's clients, representing its products to them. At first glance, Balinese culture looks really unique and colorful. I've already seen many beautiful temples and interesting artists. A food is, indeed, what I expected - mostly rice with a spicy sauce, but I am lucky, because I love rice and I can eat it every single day. :) Briefly, I am pretty sure that it is going to be one of the most AMAZING and unforgettable time in my life!
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