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Homecountry: Poland
Internship location: Lamongan, East Jawa
Year of participation: 2011
Duration: 3 months
Internship Industry: English Teaching
Indonesia welcome to! My name is Kasia, I came from Poland - Indonesia, the counrty of islands, surprised me from the begining. Tropical climate welcomed me with high temperature and a humid air, which is still little hard for me, especially in a muslim town where i need to cover everything. But i'm all right with it! People are so nice here, smiling all the time. I am kind of star here! Everyone is taking a picture of me and kids are like a little bit affraid of me:) But I can feel a kidness around so it's fun! And it's amuzing to see a banana trees or those with papaya fruits, mango friuts. And the internship at SMPN 2 Junior High school Lamongan? Quite funny, very different than in other places, i used to worked for, but i love this place! I'm learning all the time. So still shocked but doing well!
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