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Homecountry: Poland
Internship location: Yogyakarta, Central Jawa
Year of participation: 2013
Duration: 3 months
Internship Industry: Marketing
Hi I’m Wojtek from  Poland. I spend 3 months on marketing related internship in Yogyakarta. That months were for me an unforgetable experience which gave me a lot of oportunities also during my stay in Indonesia.  This internship gave me not only real chalange but also abilyty to travel and meet great people. During that 3 months I felt in love with Indonesia and I planing to stay here for longer.

It’s great oportunity to meet Indonesian culture and get work and living experience that won’t be passible to get in any other place. If you are not afraid of few bugs and If you are able to easy find your self in new place you won’t have any cultural shock and your experience would be unforgetable.
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