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Homecountry: Romania
Internship location: Jakarta, West Jawa
Year of participation: 2013
Duration: 2 months
Internship Industry: Education and Promotion
I’m having a great time here in Indonesia, thanks to my hosting organization as well as Indonesia’s natural beauties. I met lots of interesting people, Indonesians and foreigners, tried delicious dishes and visited amazing places. My hosting organization has showed me great places by organizing trips every second weekend; my personal favorites were beaches where I tried surfing and snorkeling.

I find Indonesian people very friendly and welcoming; they showed great interest in me but at times they tend to be pushy and have difficulties understanding that someone needs personal space and privacy.

I feel extremely lucky to be here and experience the Indonesian culture. I hope, after finishing my internship, I will return to Europe a better person, more patient and understanding of other people’s needs and believes.
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