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Homecountry: Hungary
Internship location: Surabaya, East Jawa
Year of participation: 2013
Duration: 4 months
Internship Industry: Kindergarten Education
Well, I’ve already spent a month in Indonesia. Went very quick. So many new experiences I have since im here.  My intership is teaching  children in a kindergarden.  Length of my time being in Indonesia is 4 month. First day I was literally shocked when I saw the bathroom. Couldn’t  decide I wanted to laugh or cry, because I have never been out of Europe, so I haven’t seen something like this before :) After a while I used to it. People are VERY VERY friendly and helpful! Now I totally understand what ‘BULE’ is because im the only one in this area. There is no day when ppl wouldn’t  say hi to me or waving to me :) Sometimes its annoying but something what you never can experience in Europe.

Very good opportunity to know a new culture, especially If you are European. Try something different from your life. So many things what you must see and must feel!
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