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Homecountry: Slovakia
Internship location: Jakarta, West Jawa
Year of participation: 2012
Duration: 5 months
Internship Industry: Education and Promotion
I work as a guest speaker for language school. So far I have been travelling among cities in Sumatra for promotional events. In one week, I am moving back to Jakarta where, hopefully I will stay for couple of weeks. I have different classes every day. Sometimes the class consists from beginners, means I am playing different games such as hangman or spelling bee with students. With elder students I am usually having a conversation about life in Europe and differences between our cultures. Besides teaching, I am exploring Indonesia as much as I can. I am spending my free time on a beach, trying traditional food, fruits and drinks. So far I met only very kind, open and friendly Indonesians who are trying to make my stay comfortable!
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