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Homecountry: Canada
Internship location: Malang, East Jawa
Year of participation: 2014
Duration: 3 months
Internship Industry: Education
My internship was with the hosting organization in Malang where I was teaching Indonesian students at a high school level. I taught about three 90 minute English classes per day. Besides teaching English, I also spent time outside of the classroom with some students who brought me to events around the city, like No Car Day and to the Secret Zoo in Batu. This was an excellent way to get to know my students better, encourage them to practice their English, and also explore Malang. I had a few free weekends when I was able to explore other places in Indonesia like Bali, Lombok, The Gili Islands and Mt. Bromo.

Internship-Indonesia is an excellent program for people looking for experience in a completely new and different setting. No matter what type of internship you take on, you are likely to come away with new skills in cultural understanding and a new sense of independence and confidence in your own ability to navigate any situation.
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