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Homecountry: Italy
Internship location: Surabaya, East Jawa
Year of participation: 2015
Duration: 3 months
Internship Industry: English Teaching
Internship-Indonesia is an ambitious growing organization focused on delivering remarkable cultural and professional experiences in a country that would otherwise be hard to reach for people not familiar with (Asian) developing countries.

The first impression of my workplace and colleagues has been above expectations, everybody was willing to help and answer my questions and doubts. My schedule, tasks and similar issues were always addressed quickly and I can say I have not had any major problem so far.

The staff and my boss have been incredibly helpful and attentive and they even allowed me to give some lectures, previously not planned, which will be valuable for my future career perspective.  Cultural insights and discoveries happen daily and are mostly pleasant and curious. No cultural shock for me. To sum up:

- Workplace and colleagues (the campus looks like a Japanese zen garden, the  weekly workload allows me engage in whatever other activities I may feel like doing)
- Location (Malang is wonderful if you are not just looking for party, and the surroundings are even better)
- Value for money (it is mostly cheaper than Thailand and even with the pocket money provided I am able to do “whatever I want”)
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