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Homecountry: France
Internship location: Palembang, Sumatra
Year of participation: 2015
Duration: 6 months
Internship Industry: Hotel management
People here are so welcoming, smiling all the time, helpful and cares a lot for each other. You will never be alone! The food is spicy but as long as you are open-minded and willing to try; believe me you will taste very different kind of food! If you come to Sumatera and especially in Palembang, you should (if not must) try Pempek and Gado-gado (my favorite!). But wherever you go, your life will change. Because I don’t know anybody who has not be positively surprised by Indonesia!

People often ask me why I choose Palembang. But I didn’t, I choose my hosting organization! My hosting organization is amazing! I am so so so happy I choose it! First because I really enjoy my internship here, my managers let me the opportunity to bring new ideas and be a part of the marketing development. Second because my host organization is so welcoming helpful and cares about me. And third because Palembang is amazing! This is the real Indonesia, not the touristic one!

I am satisfied by the service provided by internship-Indonesia. You have been here to help me find the internship I was looking for; you have been here to advise me about my flight ticket; you have been here for the entire step to get my visa; you send me email at the beginning of my internship to make sure I was ok. So thank you very much for the service provided! A special thanks to Marcin who has been very responsive and helpful all along the way of my internship application process!
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