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Homecountry: Russia
Internship location: Bekasi, West Jawa
Year of participation: 2015
Duration: 3 months
Internship Industry: Education
In the company, I was responsible for marketing tasks and English speaking classes. The company cared about my stay a lot; they organized good living conditions, pick up to work place and amazing small trips. I enjoyed working there. Visiting different schools was a great experience, which I liked the most. There I met teachers and students and could compare study environment in different countries. I would improve communication between interns and employees, because I did not get any schedule in advance. Somebody could call me in the morning and say that he would pick me up to one of branches in few hours. 

There were many good things and something what I could not understand in the culture completely. However, local people are friendly and tolerant; they are so curious about foreigners and want to take a small memory of meeting ‘Bule’ with themselves (usually in a form of photo). 

Internship-Indonesia is a company with a good communication channel between employees and interns. You can get a place and an opportunity to live in Indonesia so easy and so quickly and feel safe during all your steps of application and living. This is a chance to live in the culture, not just being a tourist, and Internship Indonesia is providing a good service to offer people the feeling of being part of Indonesian society and try to work in completely different environment.
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