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Homecountry: The Netherlands
Internship location: Purwokerto, Central Jawa
Year of participation: 2016
Duration: 2 months
Internship Industry: Education
My responsibilities include: English teaching, giving presentations, promotion / marketing activities, translating and proofreading. The university is great and the people here are very helpful and friendly. Besides working, I have spent some time travelling as well. I visited Jakarta, Bogor, Bandung, Jogjakarta, and Bali. It was absolutely amazing! After the internship I might travel to Sumatra and Lombok.

Prior to the beginning of the internship I was picked up in Jogjakarta (which is quite a drive). The guest house where I stay is comfortable and in good condition. It is very close to work which is good. Looking at the internship conditions I would say most of the conditions were met. The university has had interns before, so I was dealt with in a professional way. 

A few things shocked me a little bit as well. Traffic in some cities can be horrible. Lots of traffic jams and pollution. Also, especially on political level, there is quite some corruption.

Internship-Indonesia has helped me a lot in the process of finding a suitable internship for me. Communication was excelllent, and the application process did not take very long (two months). The information provided by them was informative and helpful!
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