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Homecountry: Poland
Internship location: Bululawang, East Jawa
Year of participation: 2016
Duration: 5 months
Internship Industry: Education
One of my duties is also promoting English courses of my hosting organisation, so this is a great opportunity to travel around Malang. Everyday I work on improving my interpersonal skills, because coping with cultural differences is quite a challenge here. Fortunately I have a great support of my host. I find my experience here very fruitful.

Of course first I experienced some culture shock, especially because Indonesia is the first muslim country I have ever visited. However I met here many friendly people who helped me to cope with the differences and understand this country. Actually I didn't have any specific expectations. I knew that everything here would be different than things I knew from my own country and it was different, so it wasn't a surprise. I regret I didn't learn as much of Indonesian language as I wanted. The access to manuals, tutorials etc. is not easy especially in a small town. I learned something, but if I had a next chance I would've done it better.

Internship-Indonesia is a great opportunity to get some work experience in a wonderful, exotic environment. Everything is very professional, but has nothing to do with any boring internship in a big company. A lot of unforgettable moments are guaranteed.
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