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Homecountry: Germany
Internship location: Jakarta, West Jawa
Year of participation: 2016
Duration: 3 months
Internship Industry: IT
The opportunity of attending an internship in Indonesia made me grow as a person and the tasks at my working place fitted my studies in Germany.  Living here was easy for me because everyone is being friendly and helping you out if you need something. Also the food here is delicious and I totally fell in love with most of it. You have so many opportunities to go for dinner, having fun or just hang out. Definitely a great experience for me.

Since I also participated in HR tasks I met a lot of people in the office and talked with them. They were a lot of funny people. I guess these conversations are something I will never forget. But the whole internship and the whole time I spend here is unforgettable. 

Internship Indonesia is an organization that tries to get you a proper company all over Indonesia where you can improve your skills and for sure learn something new. Indonesia is a perfect place to learn more about cultures, get to know Asia and especially the delicious Asian/Indonesian food and grow yourself. Internship-Indonesia is always here if you need anything.
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