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Homecountry: Italy
Internship location: Jakarta, West Jawa
Year of participation: 2016
Duration: 4 months
Internship Industry: Luxury Brand Management
My experience in Indonesia has been awesome. The country is just breathtaking…from the Jungle, to the Volcanoes, to the amazing beaches and spiritual temples, it’s impossible to don’t fell in love with the beauty of this huge country. I had the chance to travel a lot, during my 4 months internship and all the places that I’ve visited had their own peculiarities that make them unforgettable. Moreover, the people are fantastic, very happy to help you all the time. I’ve had the chance not only to enrich my CV, but most important to grow as a person, of course I’ve gained new professional skills, but also I’ve learnt how to overcome social and cultural differences that scared me at the beginning. This experience made me a better person and I can’t thanks enough Indonesians and all the amazing people that I’ve met during my staying here.

Indonesia is much better than I was expected before to departure from Italy. I was expected a quite poor country with a completely different life of style, but when I arrived here I had to change all my general opinion. I’m in Jakarta, so I mostly speaking about the life in the city, but it has nothing to envy to western metropolis, except for the lack of public transports! Life in Jakarta is funny, it’s easy to meet new friends and expats, there is a lot do especially during the weekend, the nightlife is amazing, and the variety and quality of street foods and restaurants is impressive. 

It was one of the best experience in my life, living in Indonesia is great, the country is wonderful and you can travel around not spending a fortune and still visiting some of the best place in South-East Asia. If you do not know how to organize your experience in Indonesia, and you’re afraid about how to find an internship or an accommodation I would suggest to Internship-Indonesia, because, even if I haven’t had the pleasure to meet them in person, they have been super nice and helpful with me, helping before my departure from Italy and during my first weeks in here. So I couldn’t be more satisfied. 
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