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Homecountry: Czech Republic
Internship location: Malang, East Jawa
Year of participation: 2016
Duration: 4 months
Internship Industry: Hotel management
I got opportunities I could never even imagine, like professional photo shoot, volunteering in underprivileged kid’s village or giving a lecture about my life and travel in Indonesian university. I was a little bit scared when I came here, but since I gained so many great new friends, some of them surely for life, that made me feel like home ten thousands kilometers away. 

My organization was really understanding and even though I have worked a lot I got countless amount of possibilities to travel and experience the beauty of this country. I got bicycle for free to get to work. Accommodation was really amazing. Private room in guarded house with air-conditioning and hot water. I was delivered breakfast every morning. I had issues with the white bread they were giving me at the beginning so they changed it to fruits. Very kind. Whenever I wanted a change of shifts or day off we were able to figure out dates when I could work so I cover it. 

Internship-Indonesia was very prompt and professional in organizing all the things I needed, the communication was smooth and all that was promised was delivered as well. I had so much blast in here and Indonesia its an astonishing country with so much you can explore, culture, nature, people. I really don’t regret coming here and I hope I will get the chance to come again.

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