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Homecountry: Vietnam
Internship location: Surabaya, East Jawa
Year of participation: 2018
Duration: 3 months
Internship Industry: Logistics
I intern at a logistics company. My CEO agreed to let me to experience in both departments Marketing and Logistics. This summer I have a chance to take part in the main project of company to bring its office to Viet Nam. Moreover, I work with other interns who come from Philippine so that I got a chance to know more about the market in Asia area. After the project, I have spent all of my free time at the office to learn some other tools such as Word press, Photoshop CS6, Adobe Premier, Adobe affect, Excel, Access, from my colleagues in the IT department. After working I usually spend my time with gym and swimming. In general, my internships in Indonesia is awesome.

It is a great chance for anyone who always wants to discover the new things like me. All experience I got during the time doing internship in Indonesia is precious and meaningful. I’m sure that when I come back to Europe in September, all of my classmates are interested to hear about all of my experiences in Indonesia.
I just want to say to the prospective candidates that “You will not know until you try and you will gain more than you thought”.
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