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We currently offer internships in the following disciplines:

* Business & marketing

* Tourism and leisure

* Education and English teaching

* Property development and trade

* Sales and customer service

* International business and trade relations

* IT and social media

* Project management

* Culture, development and Asian Studies

* Custom projects, depending on applicant's background and preferences

Your discipline is not listed above? Inquiries don't cost money but lost opportunities do! Please feel free to contact us as we might already support internships of your interest - at some periods of time our hosting organizations database grows faster than the website is being updated :)

All internships offer living costs coverage and additional benefits.
Basing on your application, expectations and personal profile we will offer you one to three internship projects matching your skills and preferences.


Our hosting organizations come mainly from the following industries:

- Hospitality, hotels and travel agencies (Sumatra, Java, Bali, Lombok, Borneo)

- IT, e-commerce and social-media management (Java, Bali)

- Production facilities (handicraft, silver, furniture) (Java, Bali)

- Education and science, schools and universities (Java, Bali, Sumatra, Papua)

- Construction, property trading and development (Java, Bali)

- Trading and consulting (Java, Bali)

- Project management and international business (Java, Bali)


These projects will give you more self-development opportunities than any others. Do you seek HR experience and cannot find it listed above? Believe us, interaction with new culture, foreign customs and different people will give you more human skills than any other experience gained within four walls and in front of a computer. Are you a marketer? Participation in various cross-cultural promotional events will become a real life-situation test for you skills and limits! These are just examples. We expose you to the ultimate challenge that supports your career and progress - life.


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